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Takahashi Naozumi Fan Community

Takahashi Naozumi Fanclub
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Takahashi Naozumi is love

This is a fan community for the talented seiyuu and singer, Takahashi Naozumi. Here is where fans of Nao-kun can come and join together in appreciating his talent and give him the love he deserves!

Rules for the community

- You must be a Takahashi Naozumi fan, an appcreciator of his work, or at the least know who he is. If not, then things can get quite boring for you real quickly.

- It is not mandatory, but you are more than welcome to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. If you don't know what to say, take a look in the memories for a list of 100 questions, pick a few, and post your answers in your introduction. (Or do the whole thing in fact, if you have enough time =) I'd love to see answers!) If that's too broad, here is a little form for self introduction:

How were you introduced to Nao-kun?:
What do you like about Nao-kun?:
What is your favorite role of Nao-kun?:
What is your favorite song by Nao-kun?:
Which seiyuu do you like besides him?:
Any comments to the other members?:

- Please stay on topic! Remember that this is a Takahashi Naozumi community, so only discuss him and his roles here please.

- Please be nice! Any bashing of Nao-kun, other seiyuu, other members, and other people in general will not be tolerated.

- You may post anything in this community, as long as it relates to Nao-kun! Whether you have a question about his role, lyrics to his songs, a review of his cd, or an interesting link to share, you are more than welcome to post them here!

- You may also share anything you want relating to Nao-kun: media files, images, icons, wallpapers, etc. Let's try to keep the media posts friend locked so that the community members gets priority of them, but in general if you don't want to, you don't need to. However, I really don't want this to turn into a leeching community. Please, don't beg for stuff here. Or at least don't do it too excessively.

- On this note, please thank uploaders when they share something. They do not have to do this, and they are wasting their bandwidth and time so that they can share things with you. A little comment of appreciation won't take much of your time =)

- By all means, please try to support the artist! If you are having trouble finding a place to buy things, I've put together a link list here.

- Please put anything larger than 300 words and/or large images behind a lj cut! Here's a little code for lj cut if you do not know how to do it:

<lj-cut text="cut description"> ............... </lj-cut>

- Please don't hot-link from anywhere else. If you'd like to share something, please upload it to your own server. Likewise, please don't hot-link from the links posted here!

- If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please leave a comment here or contact wakannai

- Lastly, enjoy yourself and have a good time ^_^

The name "Canariya" comes from the title of a song in his latest album, 『scene ~Nokoshitai Fuukei~』that I love very much ^_^

This community was co-founded by chiyochi and wakannai