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09 February 2008 @ 07:28 pm
1,000 Crane Project for Nao-nii!  
My sister and I are both attending Haruka Matsuri 2008 this year. At the Neoromance events, they have drop-boxes for fanmail and fan-gifts to the cast members, and so as a mini-service we would like to propose a project for all fans to participate in, delivering 1,000 cranes to our beloved Takahashi Naozumi.

I've realized this only really gives you all about a week from now to both fold *and* mail the cranes, so I apologize beforehand, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up ^^

We would like to request that pledges (commitments to folding and sending in cranes) be submitted ASAP, by February 12th so that we know how many cranes to expect, and so you can mail us the cranes in time; they MUST reach me by February 25th!

Why 1,000 cranes? Cranes are a symbol of longevity. The story of 1,000 cranes is that this gift will grant a wish, but it has generally been focused to grant a wish for peace or health concerns.

Why Nao-nii? Because we love and adore him! He's a great performer who genuinely loves his work and his fans. We do love other seiyuu as well, but we thought this gift would be particularly suiting and nice to give to Nao-nii. He has been known to come down with illnesses frequently enough for it to worry us, so sending a good omen like this would surely bring him some happiness!

Please go to this post if you are interested!

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